MY CODE >> Collision Detection
// This script originally used the collision attribute to see if an avatar collided with the 
// object.  Once the avatar collided with it the object displayed a message.  My modifications 
// took out the messages that were displayed and added a couple other commands.  Now, when an 
// avatar collides with the object the script stores that avatar’s name.  There are also if 
// statements in place to ensure that an avatar’s name is only stored once.  Next, whenever 
// the object is touched it displays a list of any avatar’s names being stored.  There is also an 
// if statement here to check if any names have been stored and displays a message accordingly.  
// Finally, there is text floating above the object telling avatar’s to touch it.

list whoStepped;    // Declaring the list
string who; // String used to hold individual names

            "Click to see\nwho has stepped on me!"
        ,<1,1,1>, 2.0);     // show text over object
    collision_start(integer total_number)
        // Set who equal to whoever is touching the object
        who = llDetectedName(0);
        // i is used to cycle through the for loop and list
        integer i;
        // z is used as a counter variable
        integer z = 0;
        // for loop used to cycle through the list
        for (i=0;i<") + ">");